Friday, February 03, 2006

Astro Turf Fashion

WTF was up with this episode of Project Runway? I still can't wrap my brain around why they made outfits from dirt and grass and weeds????????? This is way more obscure than the ice skating outfits.

First, I had no idea that Daniel was gay, I though maybe he was the sole straight guy on this show, but apparently it's a requirement to be into guys to be able to understand women's fashion?!?! I'm so confused.

My favorite part of this episode was when it was mutually agreed amongst all of the judges that Nick's designs are vulgar...ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. That was so funny to me, especially since he won the Barbie challenge. Vulgar? I would say more whimsical, actually. Like all those grandiose ideas of walking in his outfits on the beaches of Greece.

I wonder if Omarosa was right, it's acting for unscripted television. Who could have come up with that line?

P.S. So glad to see melodramatic boy leave, do you think he was gay too? ;)

Auf Wierdensheister!

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Honey Gangsta said...

Oh my gosh! These guys are as gay as dandelions! All of them. Of course! It IS weird though, that you have to be in to guys to understand women's fashion. But guys who are straight-straight, like not metro, have no clue about fashion - especially women's fashion. It's like cutting hair. Straight guys just don't do it. Okay, so there are barbers, but that's different.

Yeah, I was perplexed with this outfit as well. What, like someday, in the real world of fashion they might be called upon to make a dress out of foliage? I don't think so. I think the show makers are reaching here. Or as Santino would say, "grasping at straws." Then the judges were all put out that they didn't use more flowers. FLOWERS! Huh? How on earth are you supposed to sew flowers? They totally crumble when you touch them - are they kidding? Are they insane?

I know this sounds trite, but I really liked Chloe's outfit again. She does very basic, classic things. Very Ann Taylor. Me likey. She even made the leaves look cute. I'm drawing a blank for a moment on the other girl's name - the one we wanted gone. She actually did a pretty cute one this time, even though it looked like a picnic basket.

Andre's TOTALLY looked like a doormat. I didn't think of that until one of the judges said it, but it did! Like you should wipe your feet on it.

Someone made an interesting point and I can't remember who, but he was talking about remembering that they are making fashion, not costumes. An excellent point. I'm sorry but a dress made out of leaves is a COSTUME! No one wears leaves! No one is going to! It was like they were making costumes for a play. Fashion, my butt.