Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Surreal Life

This is an interesting mixture of cast...I think Sherman Hemsley and Flo doesn't really fit. Everyone else is of course, a mess. The porn star, the ex-rock star straight from rehab, a reality show road kill, a video vixen and a transvestite - WOW, that is a mansion full.

Tawny Kittean is insane. Did you see the episode when she kept calling the weathervane a "water vane?" And then she did her report on a live news cast and Flo asked her a simple question and she couldn't answer, at least not in English. It was HILARIOUS. And all she asked was how much the weathervane cost and she fumbled all over herself. And then she was like - Flo threw me a COMPLETE curveball. And then the preview for next week's episode is about Tawny getting revenge at Flo for throwing her under a bus. What????? She's pretty crazy.

And then the later part of the episode it was all about Alexis crying and whining about why people don't let her be herself. And how she gets all this negative attention. Really? Is this a new thing?

Aye...people, I tell ya.


Bijou Clochard said...

Surely you are not talking about Florence Henderson?? She could not possibly be on the Surreal Life? Not my Carol Brady... yes, I know she shilled for Wesson and Fixadent... but The Surreal Life?? HELLO - BRADY CAST - been there, done that - Chris Knight, anyone? Really, if anyone were to be on the SURREAL LIFE, it would be everybody's favorite perennial publicity ho - Barry Williams!?!? In fact, I am surprised he has not been on EVERY season thus far...

NoiXdeCoco said...