Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Teddy for Mensa Candidate

Ok, this show has lost it's sadness factor and has now ventured into hilarity!!! Did you see last night's show? Let's start with Teddy's catch phrase: I like Heidi more than any other girl that I know now. I'm surprised he didn't also add: I like Heidi more than any other girl who wears yellow on Tuesdays and eats steaks three times a week that I know now, now,, now, NOW. What? Ok Teddy, I get it, of all the girls in the room RIGHT NOW, she's the best. Very special.

I also liked how they recapped Brit's speech to Teddy - I don't want to be just another girl. Well, she's right, that's all she would be.

The show turned extremely freaky at one point during the model dinner (uh, what was that for?) when Irene was laughing with her mouth agape and her plastic surgery face being stretched to the limit...ewwww.

And now we come to the best part of the ENTIRE episode last night!! No, it wasn't the part where Heidi DELIBERATELY and GRATUITOUSLY went and grinded up against every guy in sight. No, it wasn't the part where Teddy justified her actions by saying that she's still going home with him. No, no. The best part was the interaction between Teddy and Brit at the casting.

Teddy: Staring at Brit, whose staring at the floor
A whole minute passes of this....
Teddy: (Get's a phone call from his agent) That was my agent
Brit: Great
Teddy: She said I have a casting with Heidi and asked if I knew who she was
Brit: Smiles politely, yet annoyed
Teddy: I told her - 'don't worry, I KNOW Heidi'
Brit: (laughs) That's funny.

WHAT???? Teddy is such a MORON, why would Brit care that he KNOWS Heidi and that he's going to a casting with her. It seemed like he was almost nervous around Brit and had Diarrhea of the mouth. He so totally put his foot in his mouth. HILARIOUS!!


Honey Gangsta said...

This is great! And the picture really says everything we need to know about dear Teddy. Unfortunately I STILL haven't seen this episode, but it's set to dvr today. I'll comment again after I've watched it.

For now I would like to point out that Teddy has a lot of nerve to think he is such a player and has SUCH game with the ladies and then he allows that blue scarf picture to be posted on the internet. He looks like he's taking it in the ass at the very moment that picture is being taken.

Nothing screams HOMO lounder than than lovely picture of "straight" Teddy.

Honey Gangsta said...

Okay, so I finally saw this episode. How many times did Teddy say, "So what do you think of Heide?" If it had been a drinking game, everyone would have been SMASHED. So what do you think of Heide? So what do YOU think of Heide? So what do you THINK of Heide? Shut up, you insecure closeted homosexual! What EVERYONE thinks is that Heide is a total ho who is grinding on everyone in your face because she clearly doesn't give a flip. What everyone ALSO thinks is that you are totally trying to show Brit what she's missing out on, and you are only making yourself look like a bigger and bigger ass clown.

My favorite line from Teddy: "I could walk in and all those guys would bow down and I could leave with her [Heide]." Um, nice try, gay boy, but more likely those guys would kick your ass and wipe the floor with you. Bow down? To a male model? Yes, that's what most self-respecting heterosexual guys would do. Bow down and turn the female model over to the male model before he calls for a walk-off and REALLY puts those guys in their place.

Then Adrian (is that the gay Latin boy's name?) says, "She can dance and flirt, as long as she doesn't take it to the next level." And he kept saying that EVERY time Teddy said, "So what do you think of Heide?" It was like call and response, you know? Marco! Polo! They are so smart, so deep, such contributing members of society. And can come up with so many different variations on the same sentence. No wait, they can just REPEAT the same sentence over and over and over and over and over.

So what do you think of Heide?