Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Complex Existance

I think I've come full circle when it comes to celeb-reality. I once believed, then I doubted, then I was skeptical, then I knew for sure it was bullshit, and now I'm realizing that there's a lot less anger when you just suspend imagination and believe.

So, ok, Paris and Nicole are no longer friends (wink, wink). I love it when the reason why people have a falling out is a big well-kept secret, when everyone knows that Nicole projected Paris' sex tape to a room full of her friends. Ok, we don't really know why they're not friends, I'll play along. I saw the two episodes that have aired so far, back-to-back in reverse order...wait, I'm dizzy.

Anyway, it sucked. Period.

Season one was MAGIC! Do you remember how much we laughed? It was so great. We even recorded episodes, hold for this, on VHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And then we showed it to our friends incessantly, while only you and I would laugh. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. And when they announced they would sell it on DVD, we both pounced on, hold for this, the land line phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And we pre-ordered. And we waited with baited breath by the post box, we'd switch who would take the day off from work to wait for the post-person (ha ha) - the gentle-person who delivered our mail (ha ha ha).

This season blows. I can't even recap cause I don't want to go there. I'm afraid I won't last the whole season. That's not hot.

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Honey Gangsta said...

This post totally makes me want to bust out the season 1 dvd and relive the glory days. In fact, I just might.

However, after reading this, I did make a point to record and watch this show last night. I must concur that the original magic is gone, but I was still laughing at some of the stuff I saw.

For instance, it was pretty funny that Nicole kept wearing the traditional Indian wrap thing like a towel - the opposite of modest. And it was funny when the teenage son was wearing a garbage bag as his apron. (I credit the producers and not Paris with this idea.) That became funny when the dad came home and he peeked around the corner in his garbage bag. He was funny, too, because he was so powerless in the girls' presence. He just did whatever they said.

The last funny thing was, of course, the editing, which has always been the star of this series. I loved how it kept doing these shots of a picture of the real mother, who was being replaced this episode. Every time Paris or Nicole did something it would do these "dunh, dunh, DUNH," shots of the picture of the mother. Ha!

Nicole is exponentially funnier than Paris, still. But yes, it just isn't the same as when they violently disturbed that poor innocent family in the boondocks on season 1.