Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Pimpin' Da Ho...errr, my daughter

Now that my DVRP is somewhat under control (being selective about what to record) I usually watch music videos in the mornings as I get ready. It serves to be a very functional audio/visual stimulation (except when Nelly's Promiscous video comes on, then I drop everything, including the flat iron and I stand in front of my TV, trying to slow down the video with my mind to make it last longer. I am just mesmerized with that video!) And I've noticed a trend...well, it's not exactly a trend since this has been going on for a while. I guess what I notice is that my capacity to accept this trend has been met. The girls in videos, especially the new artists that are "struggling" to-be-so-overexposed-that-they-can't-take-the-paparazzi-anymore but-get-invited-to-the-hottest-parties as VIPS so it's all worth it, are way oversexed. And I'm just so over it! WE GET IT! You're hot. And we'll watch the video if it's hot, but this is ridiculous. Each video is like a carbon copy of the next, and it seems to work, so sadly it's a magic formula.

Case in point - Rhianna's SOS video is way oversexed. She's all oiled up and has on a dress where most of her breasts are squeezed to the limit outside of her top - that's hot. Umm, it looks painful. And then she jerks her body around violently all the while glistening in glitter.

Brooke - Hulk Hogan's daughter came out with a new video...her "album" has been "anticipated" since I was still at Universal. I bet now she thinks she "worked so hard" to get this album out there for the fans, because that's what it's all about. And I'm sure that the fans are ever greatful to be listening to Brooke cooing about a boy while we get to watch her many should-be-covered-up parts of her body...or wait was that Rhianna song? No - Pussycat Dolls, noooo - Christina Millian, noooo - Paris Hilton...AH SHIT! I can't tell apart their studio created voices anymore. THEY ALL SOUND THE SAME.

And then they add the one element that makes each of these idiot's songs unique - a totally unfitting guest appearance by a rapper. No wait, that's totally typical too. Shame on those gangsta rappers - if I ever see one I am going to laugh in their face for collaborating with the Pussycat Dolls and Brooke!?!?!?!

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