Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Fantastic News From the President of Show Biz!!

I've been waiting for this day since 2003!! And it looks like I have to continue to wait until September 26 but at least there's a light that I can hold onto to get through the next few months.

The greatest movie ever: Windy City Heat is FINALLY being released!!!

I was just watching this from the recorded version on my DVR and I was laughing so hard. The funniest part was when The Fury was in charge of the donut table because the investor of the movie, Nagasaki Hiroshima, was coming to visit the set and he had to have his donut table. When Mole came and knocked it down The Fury's voice reached a pitch so high screaming, it was making me cry from laughter.

Other notably high-larry-us moments: That they finished filming the movie in 3 days, when he asked for a stunt double and it was a romantic scene, and the stunt double ended up having sex with the woman's character - jiggly wiggly. When they have two bats, one wood and one rubber and they tie him up and almost hit him with the wood bat and he's screaming with a gag in his mouth. When it takes like 2 hours to get to the premiere because the limo driver is trying to pitch his band. And my favorite - when he receives a trophy from the President of Show Business - ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Every scene is hilarious. Such an awesome movie. And............ACT!!

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