Friday, August 25, 2006

Gilby Clarke Completes My Life

Gilby Clarke - how you've arosen from the dirt and became my +1 in fantasy land...Before I get to my devotion and desire of all thing Gilby Clarke, let me ask if anyone has any doubt that the show "Rockstar" is a vehicle for Brookie Burns? Show of hands please... type in the words "rockstar supernova" in Google's image search and this is the FIRST result. Ahem. Proof that I do know what is going on!

Ok, back to Gilby Clarke...I love him. I would like to have a Gilby Clarke / Michael Kors sandwhich please. I'm so choked up with emotion, that my prophesing will be in photos. No words, just the many sides of Gilby Clarke

Gilby Clarke rockin' out!:

Gilby Clarke shy, hiding behind bangs:

Gilby Clarke insightful:

Gilby Clarke accusatory:

Gilby bedhead...mmm mmm:


Carry-on Gilby Clarke!! That's HOT.


Honey Gangsta said...

Geez! Don't be shy, Brooke Burns. Please continue to validate your existence with tacky photos.

Carry on, Gilby Clark! Love it!

A Gilby Clarke/Michael Kors sandwich? So very NoiXdeCoco...

Bijou Clochard said...

There is literally someone out there with the first name "Gilby?" WTF!?!?