Thursday, October 05, 2006

Driving Force

Driving Force is a really hilarious series about an NHRA racer who is as manly as manly can get and has three daughters. Only one of them is interested in racing, the other two are interested in boys and spas. The dynamic is hilarious. The dad - John can never get anything right! The girls, usually end up laughing at him. And in every episode, John says: 'you know, if I had boys...[fill in the blank].' And the girls usually say something completely innapropriate or embarrassing to John. And the mom is super weird. She never hugs anyone or shows any kind of emotion.

This episode starts with the wife, Laurie and the two blonde daughters (the ones into shopping and spas) in the car, while John is trying to get a hair out of his nose. The girls just giggle and make fun of the dad. He, meanwhile, is being serious - saying things like - isn't your nose hair connected to your ass?

We get to the introduction and tag line:
I've been racing for 30 years, and won 13 championships. I've been on fire from here to Australia, and NOTHING prepared me for having girls. And then they play that awesome song "Woman" while we see images of all the ladies.

Ashley - The Most Serious About Racing

And we're back...John's voice over says 'I've always said, love and racing don't mix.' Looks like this episode is about the middle child - Brittany. Apperantly, she's been spending a lot of her time racing, and it's starting to affect her relationship with her boyfriend Cory, he then sums it up by saying - 'I just hope this situation doesn't blow up in her face.' Well put!

At the John Force racing facility John is grabbing Cory by the back of his neck and asking Brittany - 'what do you see in this guy?' His pants are showing his ass crack, and his hair is spikey with green tips. Brittany, who is standing right next to her dad, has developed a proven strategy of ignoring everything her dad says. It's like when his voice starts to register in her head, it literally turns off her ears.

John hired Cory to keep a close eye on him. His first job is to sweep something, except he's busy because Brittany keeps texting him.

John's description of Cory: "He's very polite. He's just a cocky little poop head."

Next, we're in Brittany's room where Cory and Brittany are discussing the suspenders John has proposed to keep Cory's pants up. Then they look at Brittany's schedule, and Cory akwardly is trying to show his discontent with her being away so much. Brittany understands that it must be hard that she can't be a girlfriend to him on most weekends. But she sure doesn't show it. She is the same emotionless, non-hearing girl around all men apparently.

Brittany - The Bad Girlfriend

Cut to a local race track where Cory has his arms around Brittany, until John walks over and physically removes them, and tells him not to touch her. 'She needs to focus.' Brittany continues to stand there emotionless and watching it all like it doesn't even involve her. She eventually gets some passion in her eyes, when she finally tells her dad 'stop it.'

The next day John declares that Cory is really starting to interfere with Brittany's life on and off the track. So we go to the Driving Force conversation driver - the wife. She usually has some words of advice after she picked the situation apart and usually it's succinct. Her advice - It's going to be fine. John continues with "I don't want her to come home pregnant. And you know what, I don't want him in my refrigerator either." Laurie just laughs.

At Laurie's house (I guess they're divorced), Brittany and Cory are in the hot tub having some riveting convo:
Cory - where are you guys going tomorrow?
Brittany - I don't know
Cory - are you going to a 21 club?
Brittany - I don't know. I'm not 21.

Cory goes off on some tangent about how Brittany doesn't have any time for him...Brittany has mastered the not listening skill.

The next day we find out that Brittany's gotten 3 speeding tickets in the last month, so Laurie is going to have a talk with her about this. But John thinks that all the time she's spending with Cory is what's messing her up. Wait, is she spending too much time with Cory? Or not enough time with Cory? So confused.

So John takes Cory on a ride to have a heart-to-heart with him. He says "Let's cut the bullshit. I hope you're not having sex with her, and if you are, it better be safe sex." Poor Cory was so uncomfortable, he was just squirming in his seat. John continues his tyrade telling him - no more touchy feely at the race track!! It was spectacular. John was uncomfortable telling him all this so he was spewing everything out at once, and poor Cory was sitting there shocked.

It's the next night Brittany and her friends are having a girls night out...and they all want to talk about Cory. They're sitting there putting glitter on each other getting all cute and slutty. Cory keeps calling Brittany wanting to know what she is doing, what she is wearing, where she is going. This of course drives Brittany to dance with other guys at the club!

Looks like there's trouble in paradise. The next day, Cory shows up at the race shop and he wants to talk to Brittany, but she wouldn't come outside to talk. The have a big fit and Cory is extremely mad that she doesn't involve him in her racing life. She's mad at him because he's not supportive. Cory then says "This relationship is bullshit" and with that, their relationship is over.

Back from commercial Brittany declares that now she has more time for her friends, and finally she will have time to go shopping. Weirdly, her and her friend went shopping at Venice Beach. They end up at a Tarot Card place, where she is told this is the year for new beginnings. It must be a sign!

Ashley - The Youngest and Least Involved

At the race track, John thinks that Brittany got the fire back in her eyes. She means business!

Brittany wins the race on the weekend, but instead of excited, she seems exasperated. John pressures her - "what's wrong??" After finding out Cory broke up with Brittany, he reassures her that he's not going anywhere. He then continues - "You looking like that and driving 190mph, how could he leave? Nobody leaves a Force." John seems sincerely disapointed. Even though this is what he wanted.

John - The Can't-Do-Right Dad

At Laurie's house, Cory shows up at the door wanting to talk. Brittany maturely asks "what do you want to talk about?" Cory wants to make it work, he wants to adjust his life to be more flexible. So sweet. They got back together. Awwwwww.

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Honey Gangsta said...

Oh, this show sounds really cute. I'll program it in to record so that I can comment thoughtfully.

Honey Gangsta said...

The funniest thing about this sounds like the dad is this super-macho guy who probably wanted all sons to join him in his racing biz. You know, drink beer together, watch things blow up. And here he got three daughters. That is classic! It's hilarious to see men squirm when they know nothing about women, but are forced to learn something because the people they happen to care most about are a bunch of women! This is exactly what I would wish on every guy I've dated, because they've all had one brother and no sisters. And they have absolutely no concept of waiting for someone to get ready, the importance of visiting more than one store to buy a wardrobe, needing to buy makeup constantly even though you already have a lot. Yes, if my wishes come true, each of them will one day be married with nothing but daughters!

He sounds like a really sweet dad who wants to understand about being a girl, but just doesn't. He's a racecar driver, for crying out loud! Anyway, I'm going to watch. :)