Saturday, September 30, 2006

Project "Fake"way

The Culprits!

Last week, Project Runway was a repeat. Next week, Project Runway is the reunion show. And this week, Project Runway was a fake...let me explain.

We first start the episode with a recap of the remaining 'final four' - so made famous by Survivor - or was it the NCAA Basketball Tourney? And it occurs to me that everyone is reflecting on themselves and their work, except Jeffrey. He's reflecting on others' time and work and putting them down simultaneously with snide remarks. I'm not really feeling Jeffrey and his condescending ways. He's got plenty to improve on, so he should really focus on himself.


Just as I was thinking this, there's a shot of Jeffrey shirtless on my tellie - disgusting! They're getting up and getting ready for Heidi and model selection. Uli took The Knight Rider's model, but felt bad about it, so it wasn't that bad. Plus she's so cute. At least she didn't request a mofo walk-off. After model selection, the looser models are whisked away to Grey Ant and the designers are whisked away to Nina Garcia's office.

I was expecting the walls, doors, ceilings, and floors of the offices at Elle Magazine to be plastered with Heidi's image - a la Tyra, but no. A point for Heidi? Maybe. I don't really want to admit it, but at least she is not half as obnoxious as Tyra.

The designers' next task - to create an outfit of their choice; complete creative freedom. Uh-oh. I knew right away there would be trouble. No direction and no boundaries equals endless possibilities. Combine that with limited time and you have a tough challenge. They each got $250 for this task...I would be tempted to go to Macy's instead of Mood and purchase a kick ass outfit, kick back and relax. But that's juts me, I'm always thinking outside the box.

Back at the work room, Laura (the pot) tells Uli (the kettle) that her dress looks like every other dress she's made. Laura's dress this week looked almost identical to the dress she won with last week. Same length, same tassels, same lacey fabric. Jeffrey tells the caricature butler that he (apparently) has made a dress before that made people cry!!! CRY! I ask you - have you ever seen an article of clothing that made you cry? Not counting in a bad way of course. Oh wait, maybe that's what he meant. Like someone was obligated to wear a dress of his and then when they saw the actual dress, it was so hideous that it made them cry. I don't know what this nonsense is. How can a dress make you cry?

These Dresses Would Make Me Cry

After commercial, the caricature butler comes back and has an announcement to make...this little Project Runway 'twist' has lost it's shock value. But this week's announcement was in vein with an idea I've been throwing around - combine the models of Top Model and the designers of Project Runway and do two perspectives on one episode - I would love to see that! Anyway...just thinking outside of the box again.

Doesn't He Look Like a Butler? And as a Cartoon Character?

The announcement was that the winning dress of this challenge will be photographed by ANTM's past grand prize Gilles Bensimon and featured in Elle. Not to mention, a trip to Bryant Park to show at fashion week...ohhh so exciting. I'm getting goose bumps.

There's another twist to this challenge, and it's a sassy one! They have to take their models, put the dress on them and take photos that best describes the story they are tying to tell through fashion. And also choose three words that best describes their style as a designer.

In the work room, Uli asks Laura is she's tired...and Laura responds - "I'm tired of living." Seeing that one of Uli's words that describes her work is "life" - I guess Laura would not qualify to garment herself in the Uli Herzner Line.

It's time for the final runway and Laura confessionals that perhaps now is not the most convenient time to be pregnant with a sixth child. Caricature Butler gets choked up telling the designers how proud her is of all of them. That's sweet.

At the runway, we find out that The Wall Street Journal has a fashion section, as it's editor is one of the judges. Jeffrey's dress comes out first and here are the comments:

-A little too pretty. Confused. Milkmaid (at this point, Jeffrey and his model were holding hands to get through all of this criticism.)
-Jeffrey surprised me, but not in a good way

I Can See Their Point, It's Almost Identical!

Laura brought out her clone dress of last week, and here were the comments:
-We are afraid you are a one note
-If I see 12 plunging necklines, 12 buggle beads and feathers glued to the hem of the seam [at fashion week] I think I am going to scream [alone in the dark].
-Maybe now she'll get this out of her system.

Different Neckline, and Different Color - Same Tassles, Length, Style

Uli brought out her Uli, and got these remarks:
-I hope she gives us more than a slew of print dresses [at fashion week].


And finally the Knight Rider brought out his sensualinestiexpidalious dress.
-He doesn't know what his strength is (OUCH!)
-You confused us.

I'm So Confused!

Uli wins after all of the judges clearly drooled all over her tie dye. So she's going to fashion week. And then we're left with three somewhat failed dresses from this challenge. And somehow that prompts the judges to let ALL of them go to fashion week. I'm confused. How could three terrible attempts alter the rules of Project Runway and send all of them to the finals?

I would think that to show four designers, in lieu of the past three would take some coordination and time management on behalf of Olympus Fashion Week, and that the four judges in that mystery room could not just decide right then and there without finding out if it's logistically possible. theory is that they already knew they were sending all four way before they got their bogus challenge. For me this episode was a wash. I didn't really care for any of the dresses, and there was clearly no judging going on. And Jeffrey's still around. Sigh.

What do you think? Was the plan to send all 4 of the designers premeditated? Did Laura simply turn last week's dress inside out to get a different color? Will Jeffrey get a tattoo of a neck on his neck if he wins Project Runway?


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Anonymous said...

They always send the final four designers to Fashion Week, but one of them is a decoy and isn't considered in the final there aren't any logistical changes that would need to be considered

NoiXdeCoco said...

Really? I have never heard of such a thing. Last year they sent Santino, Daniel, and Chloe. There was no decoy. And there was no mention of any decoy on this last show either. I'm so confused.

Anonymous said...

Last year's decoy was Kara Janx. They don't show the decoy's line on the show so unless you saw any other coverage of fashion week, this would be new.

majikgodss said...

Yeah, but you could always watch the decoy's show on I watched both Kara's and Austin Scarlett's.

NoiXdeCoco said...

I honestly don't think there is a "decoy" - this last episode just made it seem like all four are just showing at fashion week. Jeffrey came in and did a twirl after the runway and even said - we're all going. He didn't say - we're all going but I'm not really competing.

I guess that's why I am having trouble understanding, how 3 bad dresses could warrant all of them going.

Am I missing something??