Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Dance the Pain AWAY!

This week's episode, or last week's...sorry I'm totally behind. I have a trial membership at Chelsea Piers and have been spending every waking hour on their sand volleyball court and in their amazing pool. That place is awesome! It's enough to make me want to stay in New York. Anywho, back to the sun drenched beautiful people of Los Angeles - the city to all of those who are "going to make it!"

We get a voice over from J. Lo that sets up the episode: "If it takes away the pain - it's alright. You must dance." Hmmm, that must be in code, cause to me it seems like wanting to be a professional dancer causes the pain. As there is no actual "making it" in dancing.

This Guy "Made It" as a Front-Up Dancer for John Travolta

We first visit with Nolan, he's in the denim business and he's getting evicted from his apartment. I guess being focused and having a dream wasn't enough for his landlord. Nolan is explaining the eviction situation to his roommate, and he keeps mentioning a "master class" he has to take, so there's no time to be dealing with trifling things like getting evicted. He mentions "master class" twice more, and we cut to the class - the "master class" with J. Lo's choreographer - Rich. He announces to the class - "This is a master class." This episode is brought to you by "Master Classes." When the rehearsal is over, everyone gets hugs for their hard work. We get to listen in on Jersey talking with her friends. She reminds me of Jami Gertz in Jersey Girl, which begs the question - was it great casting or is it life imitating art? Coincidentally, J.Lo was also in a movie called Jersey Girl - six degrees of irrelevant movies, anyone?

We then come to the conflict part of the episode - Kenny and Blake are friends. Blake is having a DVD release party and has asked Kenny to perform. No problem from Kenny - he's there for his fledgling friend. Until he gets a call from his agent - dunh dunh DUHN! It's a try out for....wait for it....J.LO! This posses a big time conflict for Kenny and Blake - I bet one of them will express their feelings in dance before the show is over.

Nolan, while folding denim, gets a call for a try-out on Mary J. Blige's tour. He's pretty excited as this is a big opportunity to make some money so he can pay his rent. Hi Hat, Blige's choreographer is holding the auditions and is very impressed by Nolan and his dramatic facial expressions. She even asks them to freestyle with motivation: A girl has just said no to his proposal. The choreographer just loves Nolan's facial expressions. All of this gushing over Nolan is the kiss of death for his chances of getting this gig.

In a well scripted move on Jersey's part - she steps forth as being the token conversation driver when in between admiring herself in white sunglasses and later a pink bracelet, she informs us that Blake and Nolan have friction in their relationship. Blake has danced for Britney Spears, Destiny's Child, Beyonce, et al and Nolan hasn't. And we're back to the pink bracelet. Whew - that was so smooth, it was like a stealth bomb. I was just watching the girls shop, and I got all this back story info at the same time! As always, brilliant work MTV.

It's time for Kenny to confront the ego maniac Blake and tell him that he can't back out on J.Lo for Blake's DVD partay, and he knows it, and he would do the same. Blake is being a total drama queen and "can't deal with this." So naturally, he sends everyone home, gets barefoot (though a NdC fave, not really working on this guy), enters the studio dramatically, and breaks into dance! The sweet release of his moves sets his world back in order. I, however, feel kinda uncomfortable watching this - maybe it's cause I DON'T have a dance life so I don't understand. Humph.

No Explanation Necessary (For "Them")

This scene of Blake getting his expressions on is interspersed with scenes of Nolan asking for an extension of his eviction. I'm not really getting the juxtaposition here - Blake is disappointed but dances, and Nolan is helpless and unsupported...then I remember J.Lo's wise words: "If it takes away the pain - it's alright. You must dance." But then why doesn't Nolan dance his way back from the building management office? It might take away the pain of getting evicted. Maybe he doesn't know this because he hasn't danced for Destiny's Child like Blake has. The possibilities are endless.

Blake's DVD release partay is a sweaty success with lots of dangling hoop earring bearing "dancers" applauding his every move.

In the denim factory, Nolan gets a call from his agent that SHOCKINGLY he didn't get the job he auditioned for and thus won't be able to pay his rent...ok, NOW he should break into dance cause that is seriously painful. But he doesn't, to my secret relief. As he's getting the bad news - the words "Jennifer Lopez" sprawl across his face and the episode comes to a merciful end.

Anyone have a clue yet what a DanceLife is? Will J. Lo ever wear dark lipstick again?

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