Friday, January 05, 2007

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The Olsen Twins Love New York Too!

Alert! The new season's are starting, and I am very excited to be blogging about two gems - The Apprentice Los Angeles, and I Love New York. Well, actually I am not sure 'excited' is the word when thinking of subjecting myself to a season of New York's antics and her parading around an innumerable amount of men trying to impress her. But we'll see how much I can take. And if over 2,000 people can sign a petition to give her own show because “[she] is a beautiful woman who deserves real love” then who am I to complain?

I am excited about the Apprentice Los Angeles. I have many anticipations - will Los Angeles be an entity on the show the way New York has become? Will The Donald surprise us when he fires more than one applicant at a time? Will the applicants do 'LA' things as challenges? Like who gets a better tan or who comes in under par on the golf course or who can bump/set/spike on the beach volleyball court best?

I can't wait!

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Honey Gangsta said...

Excellent! At work the other day I was told that we needed to be aware of "I Love New York." It may prove to be in the vein of "The Girls Next Door," wherein the editors and producers make so much fun of the show that they leave little for us to write about. "The Apprentice" however, is still very much in the vein of "The Bachelor," taking itself so deadly seriously. Much fun to mock. I watched the premiere last night. I swear it went to commercial every 4 minutes. There were more commercials than show. And I was watching it on DVR and could skip! Every 4 minutes! At least The Donald isn't selling out to sponsors. Oh wait - that's ALL he does. Also to note: The Donald's daughter, IVANKA (nice white trash made-up name) is the one who follows the teams around to see how they're doing and then she's a judge, too. He may as well have hired Paris to do it. Sorry, but I just don't believe IVANKA is up to the standards of the old people who used to do it. At least they LOOKED experienced (and I don't mean sexually). The Donald threw out the name of her business school as if it would qualify her to be a judge. Um, no.