Thursday, March 15, 2007

Show Recommendations, Part II

Dirt is a great show told from the perspective of the paparazzi – hey, everyone needs a voice, right?

One of the best episodes was last week when the editor and a staff writer were getting it on in a night club with a third unidentified woman who they ended up taking back to his place to have a threesome. The next day, she shows up at the magazine with her father, claiming that she’s 17 and a virgin, or at least, was a virgin. Panic, fear, and negotiations ensue. Turns out his other daughter is a big time pop star, and he wants this daughter to be one too, so he negotiates a three cover deal to not throw them into jail for statutory rape.

The staff writer, editor, and head boss of the magazine decide to do some digging on the guy, and this is where it gets funny. They said the dad was a minister down south, and they keep referring to the other sister as a no-talent idiot, who has double-D breasts, and once said she was a vegetarian after someone offered her beefsteak tomatoes. Then they said – she released a couple of bad albums and then came the reality show. It turned out in the end, that the dad had pimped out the first daughter to another magazine editor two years ago, and blackmailed that editor into giving her three covers, that’s how she became famous, and was now doing it to the sister. How hilarious that a show would draw such a close connection to the Simpson sisters, and make a claim that their dad prostituted them in order to get a cover on a magazine!!! I love this show.

Beefsteak Tomato - just like Buffalo Wings

The other great thing about this show? Last week they used the word "shat," as in shit in the past tense! You know there was a debate on this at the writer's table!

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