Thursday, March 15, 2007

Show Recommendations, Part III

The success of the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, which is pretty awesome - I highly recommend that show as well, has led VH1 to show us an inside view of the Wilhelmina Agency in New York in a reality show called The Agency.

Before I talk about The Agency, let me first tell you about what happened on the last episode of the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency. The hot men got a campaign for 2(x)ist underwear that they were going to shoot on Catalina Island, off the coast of SoCal. When they got there, later that night, a group of three chubo girls (with bad skin) came knocking on their door, saying - we heard there were some male models here and they walked right in and started partying with the leanest, most defined bodied men you've ever seen...remember, underwear ad campaign. And I thought - how strange, that on a show about being fit and thin, the chubo girls have no qualms about barging in on the hottest guys you've ever seen.

Humph - that's the best I can come up with.

Also, on another episode, Perez Hilton...that's right - Mario, showed up and helped with a casting. I've now seen him on five, count them FIVE TV shows now. And all he did was write on a blog, JUST LIKE US!

HG and Perez Hilton
serious name dropping

Any who...on to The Agency...

This is some good stuff. There's some really good appealing drama about models, which is always good, cause it can't possibly be important. Some of the main characters are Pink - the devastatingly unappealing head scout for the high-end women's board, also named Pink (most likely) because he has very fleshy tones to him; Becky - the British high-end women's agent, who has the worst attitude that makes you say at least three times an episode - "I'm so glad I don't work with her." Lola - the high-end women's board agent assistant, and quite possibly the oldest lush/dumbass on TV today.

Pink! is the New Blog

The men's high-end board is a lot more stable with a steady influx of men to represent and book. But the women's board is struggling. Everyone is fat, ugly, or has a bad attitude, at least according to Becky.

Isn't She Lovely?

Every episode is about the same: The men's board books some hot guy for a giant campaign, and they high-five each other, while the women's board struggles to find someone with less than 1% body fat, and usually end up with a dodgy pick.

39 Going on 23

The last time, Pink was asked to go to a couple of different cities to scout for women, and he was to take Becky and Lola with him...against his pleading protests. Becky and Lola of course lived it up on the company dime the whole time, and were sloppy drunk pretty much all day and night. Becky is also very irreverent, especially to Pink, always screaming at the top of her lungs some nonsensical argument in a British's hilarious! At one point, they have dinner with some potential recruits (models) and one of them asks Becky what she should study in college, or if she should go at all, for you know, when the modeling thing is over. Becky says: "I'm a firm believer of who you know, not what you know." Essentially spewing the entertainment industries vital message that education is, in fact, a waste of time. I mean, look at Becky, she seems totally miserable, is always at odds with her co-workers, will probably never do anything else than this, so she has to keep her job, and SHE didn't need an education to get here!

Work in Entertainment! No Education is Mandatory

The Wilhelmina Modeling Agency is one of the world's largest, most famous agencies. And from this show, it seems like it operates like a start-up! It's amazing they make any money or can operate efficiently. I'm usually amazed to see companies that are doing well have such internal turmoil. But why broadcast it to the world? Not sure, but thanks to them for giving me entertainment.

2007 is The Model's Year

I have to say - it's all about Models - ANTM, Australia's Next Top Model, The Agency, The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, and so forth and so forth.


Honey Gangsta said...

I didn't even know such a picture of me existed! I'm such a hanger-on. Gotta go. I have to set my DVR to record The Agency...

Honey Gangsta said...

Okay, I just watched 2 episodes of The Agency and I HAVE to say something. This modeling world is seriously shocking to me. I can not believe that people deliberately make the decision to participate in this CRAP! Then I get a little glimpse as to who these people are – the models I mean. First of all, with the modeling reality shows that have existed so far, I have yet to see a male model who could form a coherent sentence, even with someone feeding him lines through an earpiece. These guys are the dumbest of the dumb, and they don’t even care. Why should they? They’re making tons of money just by sitting around and staring. I’m waiting for them to start throwing their own poop around – it’s that bad.

Take Bryce from last night’s episode. Bryce stumbled into the Wilhelmina Agency because he was starting to feel dirty in the modeling world with his previous agent. You see, he had gone to some castings where he was asked to pose naked, and he did it. What else could he do? And now he’s ashamed. The Wilhelmina people circled around him like sharks smelling fresh blood and pestered and pestered him until he signed with them. They are so professional, how could Bryce go wrong? Next Bryce had to tell his previous agent that he was switching to new representation. The Wilhelmina people saved him the brain power of having to dial his cell phone by printing him out a standard letter to fax over to the ex-agency, but then they let him loose at the fax machine. I seriously thought his head would explode. He just couldn’t process the fact that this paper was disappearing into a machine and coming out again. So the Wilhelmina people high-fived each other and congratulated themselves on signing the next big male superstar. The very next morning, Bryce came in to be sent on his first round of casting calls – with a black eye. I’m sorry, whaaaaat? This is ALL you have to do, Bryce, this is IT. You don’t have to think, you don’t have to be nice, you don’t have to learn anything, remember anything, choose anything, KNOW anything. All you have to do is get your picture took – and you blow it by coming in on Day 1 with a black eye. Apparently he got into a fight at a club the night before, how surprising. Anyway, now the agency people are looking at each other and wondering if they made a huge mistake signing this idiot and he’s still hanging around, promising that they will be proud of him someday soon. And they will be – all he has to do is accidentally get it right ONE time and he’ll be worth his weight in diamond encrusted platinum dog tags.

Very entertaining, but I seriously don’t know what to do with this type of information. I got dumber watching it. I feel like Bryce at the fax machine. One other thing: a girl model – apparently their next big female superstar – was on camera wearing a flaming fluorescent yellow pencil skirt paired with a gigantic oversized red man’s sports shirt. Why do models think they look hot in everything? It just is NOT so.

NoiXdeCoco said...

How annoying is Becky too, is she not the most negative person with a British accent? Like I can't decided if I want to claw my eyes out, or get more of Becky!!