Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Hills SUCKED

Is it me or was last night's episode of The Hills possibly the worst, most boring episode you've ever seen? It was so bad and so boring, I had to multi-task to get through it. I was photoshoping pictures I am going to make into wall art throughout the whole episode. I would look up only when the annoying babbling of commercials would come on and I would fast-forward. Though not sure why.

When did The Hills become about Jason, and Jason's rehab, and Jason's apartment, and Jason's engagement party??? WTF? And Heidi showed up last week with a giant diamond ring which was never addressed. What the crap was the other toy ring Spencer got? I am so confused. Then in yesterday's episode, Spencer had a nearly hospitalizable anxiety attack when talking about the wedding. "Well, get out of my wedding, that's my answer." Ha! There are some major gaps and holes this season.

Lauren was boring as usual, making faces, wide eyes and nodding incessantly. She needs to downgrade her Mercedes Convertible and use the extra money to buy a clue about life. I can't believe this show is about her.

Why am I getting so mad? I think last night's episode really pissed me off...haha.
Anyway, next week they're going to VEGAS! Not even robot Lauren and 'eyes-rolled-to-the-back-of-her-head' Audrina can spoil that! Though from the previews it looks like Audrina gets really upset cause her friends don't like Justin Bobby....yawn.

Thing I would like to see on future episodes of The Hills:

1. A car crash and subsequent face restoration
2. Someone get fired and worry about their money situation
3. Tyra calls Audrina telling her she got accepted to participate in America's Next Top Model
4. Lauren spends a night in the slammer because she's a bad role model, errr...I mean because she drove home intoxicated
5. Lauren gets explosive diarrhea the same time Brody comes to pick her up for a date
6. Heidi looses a finger....her left ring finger...and can't find it for at least 3 episodes

Here's what I worked on...this is a color image that I turned b&w in some parts. The brilliant blue was natural and in no way altered or enhanced.

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